Sportzot 24 x 33cl

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In june 2018, as first family & Belgian brewery, De Halve Maan launched a non-alcoholic speciality beer. The range of non-alcoholic beers in Belgium was until then a market of large lager brewers and world players. With Sportzot, De Halve Maan launched a real speciality beer with flavour in this segment, unique!

To brew SPORTZOT, the Halve Maan brewers have developped a unique technique, with which they are able to completely & naturally filter the alcohol out of the beer, without distillation or other processes which may lead to loss of flavour. The brewery has succeeded in making a non-alcoholic version with 0.4% alc volume (beers with less than 0.5% alc. volume are defined as non-alcoholic in Belgium) out of the Brugse Zot Blond. The new beer does not taste sweeter than the original beer and the original rich hoparomas are maintained.

The 24 bottles come in a cardboard box.

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